Waffles Anyone?


So at least a couple of days a month, I manage to eat something that looks like this. When Shawn introduced me to Grumpy’s I immediately knew that they would inspire a turly amazing breakfast. The synergy between food from scratch and recipes of everyday use that can be passed down from generation to generation is one of the things that inspires me most of this diner. Home, food, family, and beauty around it all is the heart of the diner vibes at Grumpy’s Restaurant in Orange Park, Florida. And a nice home cooked breakfast serves as a gentle gateway into whatever else the day might hold, a buffer that begins the day with mindfulness and hopefully spills over into everything else. I can’t manage breakfast like this every day or even every weekend, but whether they come naturally to you or not, mornings like this are worth cultivating in the same way that it’s worth it to make things by hand and to support people who do. Add in the luxury of homemade waffles alongside the crispy bacon and even someone like me looks forward to this dish once or twice a month! 


-Michael Ritz